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DO NOT USE MY ART WTHOUT MY PERMISSION. If you steal my art without my permission and instead claim it as yours, I will report you to the DeviantART admins. Okay? Good.


WARNING: I have so many favorites!!

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"Our lives pass from us like the wind, and why should wise men grieve to know that they must die? The Judas blossom fades, the lovely face of light is dimmed, and darkness takes its place."

- Ferdowsi


An old storyteller's voice is heard as a huge baroque painting of demons, Pokemon, humans, half-breeds, and the forces of light and dark is shown. It scrolls in a expansive panorama as he speaks.

The old storyteller began to speak. "The world is full of humans, half-humans, and non-humans. They populate the world together. One of the most epic stories is of how a pure human's heart rid the world of evil Pokemon."

The painting is cast under light. It continues detailing the history of Pokemon and humans since ancient times.

"In the very old times, Pokemon and humans were first domesticated from their own wild selves, and as the years passed by, the Pokemon grew alongside humans. The bond got strong, and even stronger, and the hearts of both humans and Pokemon were both intertwined to each other."  

The painting moves on to Pokemon turning back on their owners, showing their evil side. The old storyteller kept speaking.

"All Pokemon that were raised properly and exeptionally by their owners were happy and delighted, and their hearts bonded with the owner in a very strong way. But if they were not treated properly, and if they were neglected and abused a lot, their hearts would turn bad and rot. They would turn back on their owners, and their spirits would be decayed."

The picture would then see Pokemon with angry faces and a black aura surrounding them.

"These Pokemon would get hit by evil, and they would have a bad aura cast over them. Their hearts have become lost, replaced by a nasty drive to attack pure Pokemon and humans alike. Only a human with a pure heart would come and release them from their dark prison."  

The next panel in the painting shows a kindhearted human approaching a black aura-clad Pokemon. It releases dark aura-induced attacks to the other Pokemon and humans.

"The Pokemon with an dark aura would have their moves replaced with moves that cast shadows. They attack out of pure spite. But if a human with a pure heart captures it, and if it was taken to a purifying place or with purifying items, it would be brought back to its normal self."

The next panel saw the black aura dissipating from the Pokemon.

"The Pokemon that were purified from the dark aura were reverted back to their norml selves. They stopped being aggressive and they returned to their rightful owners. Over the course of many years, these dark aura-fused Pokemon would go on to be called "Shadow Pokemon."

The final panel was a lengthy one. It depicted a huge Pokemon infused with the dark aura, and many other Pokemon with the aura ran amok beneath it. The huge Pokemon was sitting on a rock.

"But there was a price to pay. If dark and demonic forces come back with a vengeance, and quickly take over each and every Pokemon, even the legends, and if not treated, they would be forever doomed to be carrying the dark aura with them for a very long time."

The huge baroque painting is shown in its whole as the storyteller finishes his story.  

"And, under the veil of shadows, the doomed Shadow Pokemon would be forever zombified to their own dark auras and moves. If one pure human prevents this from spreading, it would be a peaceful world. If it is not purged of, this phenomenon of terror would be called...a plague of darkness."

And so, the legend ends and the true story begins...
Plague of Darkness - Prologue
Here it is! The prologue, or very first chapter before the actual prologue, to my epic story Plague of Darkness!

I will add more chapters as I progress with the story, and if I have enough time to balance from work and home. :)

All copyrights acknowledged.

Writing (C) Me
And now, I give you the characters from other media franchises! I've already done the Original characters and fictionalized versions of real-life people.

Here they are.


Dante (Devil May Cry series) - The half-human/half-demon hybrid of the Devil May Cry video game series. He accompanies Rebecca and her friends in the story.

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil series) - One of the many protagonists of the Resident Evil video game series. He accompanies Rebecca and her friends in the story.

Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4) - The President's Daughter. She accompanies Leon, as well as Rebecca, in the story.

Frank Martin (Transporter film series (The original ones, not the reboot) - The Ex-Special Forces Item Carrier. He drives an armored Audi A8L W12 in the story like he did in the second and third films.

Lady (Devil May Cry series) - The pure human demon hunter. She will work to track down demons for a living. In the story, she becomes a member of the two antagonists at first, but betrays them and joins Rebecca and her companions later on.

Vergil (Devil May Cry series) - The elder half-brother of Dante, and the main antagonist. He will stop at nothing to get a lot of power, and to plunge the world in darkness, and to be the great ruler of demons and Shadow Pokémon. His servant is Osmund Saddler, who accompanies him throughout the story.

Osmund Saddler (Resident Evil 4) - One of the secondary antagonists of my story. He is Vergil's servant. He accompanies him throughout the story.

And there's that! There will also be cameos by others throughout the story, and also minor appearences by others. Okie-dokie, there's that! I will get to work on the story right away now.  

- Rebecca



Rebecca Elizabeth Clark
United States

Hey, everyone! I'm Rebecca, or you can call me Chicky! (That's my nickname to mom) I'm a really BIG Pokemon Fan, and I'm actually nice to many people on the internet!

I do traditional and digital art, writing, and photo-taking.

For Digital Art, I use any digital program that I can find, but I usually utilize MS Paint and more recently the 3DS title Pokemon Art Academy.

For traditional art, I use Markers, Colored Pencils (A LOT), Ink Pens, Pencils and any type of paper. And sometimes I use paints.

I also have a few cameras (smartphone, 3DS, iPad) for pictures.

-----///-----autism awarness
---|||---|||---i'm autistic and
---|||---|||---proud of it
-----///-----put this on your
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----///-----or have autism


- Rebeccachu the Pikachu (My Pokesona, too)
- Janice the Eevee
- Joshua the Oshawott
- Annie the Minccino
- Snowshine the Glaceon
- Martin the Fennekin

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: My DeviantART account is intended for enjoyment, and my artwork gallery is intended for enjoyment and viewing pleasure. If you have something to say that is not very nice, then, keep your words to yourself and don't say it at all. Critiques are welcome on all of my works. If you say something very hateful or rude to me or about my artwork, (Examples: This is so terrible! Ha ha ha! You suck!), or troll me for any reason, your comment will be hidden/flagged as spam, you will be blocked, and you may get reported to the dA staff. I have a zero-tolerance policy for trolls and hateful people. Thank you for reading this information and please enjoy my profile and gallery.

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